Board of Directors



Joe Kerlee

Quikrete Companies | Alvarado, TX

Vice President

David Mouton

Tobin & Rooney | Houston, TX


David Long

Triangle Plastering | Dallas, TX

Immediate Past President

Andy Boyd

Galindo & Boyd Wall Systems | Garland, TX


Francisco Franco

Galindo & Boyd Wall Systems | Houston, TX

Daniel Frank

Cryer Plastering | Richmond, TX

Bart Matthews

Southwest Lat & Plaster | Garland, TX

Randy Newman - Alternate

Silver Star Plastering | Garland, TX

Flavio Ronzani


Associate Directors

George Adams - Alternate

Adams Supply of Dallas | Dallas, TX

Rick Durham

EZ Wall Concentrate | Dallas, TX

Jason Evans

Griesenbeck Distribution Group | Houston, TX

Cole Hord

WPL / Keene Building Products | Dallas, TX

Blake Meador

Texas Stucco Supply | Dallas, TX

The Texas Lathing and Plastering Contractors Association (TLPCA) is an organization for the promotion of quality methods and practices in these trades. Since 1952 the Association members have established the workmanship standards for the industry in Texas.

P. O. Box 152282 Arlington, Texas 76015 or

(817) 461-0676